American Cockroach

Also known as water bug or palmetto bug

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American Roach Size_DNR.jpg

Visual Description: Brown to reddish brown. Pronotum, or shield-like plate above its head, is reddish brown with yellow around the edges.

Do they fly?: Yes, but its more of a glide.

Size: up to 2 1/8" (it is the largest of the house-infesting cockroaches)

Habitat: Hollow trees, sewers, basements, garages, attics, wall voids, bedrooms.

Food: Organic matter, may last a month without food.

How did they get in my house?: Through gaps in exterior perimeter of buildings, doorways, windows and attic spaces. American cockroaches have been known to enter buildings through the drains especially during rain events when the sewers are full of water.

Reproduction: Females can produce 21 egg capsules (Ootheca) during its life, producing one egg case every 6 days. Every ootheca may contain 16 baby cockroaches (nymphs).

Danger Level: Leave droppings in wall voids, can spread bacteria and scare away guests

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