Flea Treatment Instructions

You must be itching to get rid of these fleas and we are here to help! Here you can find some information about your upcoming service as well as some instructions to make sure that we get rid of those fleas safely and effectively.

The flea treatment will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. It is necessary that occupants (including pets) leave the home for 2 hours after treatment completion to allow the products to dry.


Take care of the Pets!

Make arrangements to have your pet treated the same day we treat your home.  We recommend the following treatments for your pet: Cap Star or another equivalent (to eliminate fleas); The Program (to prevent, recommend use for 1 month following treatment).  Talk to your vet or visit your local pet store for more information regarding your pet's care. 

Pets food should be removed during the treatment so as to not be in contact with products.  

Wash or dispose of all pet bedding.   


Clean and Mark popular Pet spots

Locate and mark the “hot spots” where your animal spends the majority of his/her time.  If they are numerous you can use a paper towel or some other item to mark them so the technician can pay special attention to those areas during the treatment.      

Everything must be picked up off the floor prior to the treatment.  Remove everything from under beds and closet floors.  It is necessary that all areas of the carpet can be treated. 

Cover aquariums and turn off air pumps.  


VAcuuming: your new daily workout

Vacuuming is imperative to aid in the elimination of fleas in your home.  The vibrating action from vacuuming induces the eggs and cocoons to hatch.  Pay special attention to wall/floor junctures and all areas frequented by pets.  Seal vacuum bags in a plastic bag and dispose outside in a covered receptacle.  Clean all areas frequented by cats, i.e. table tops, window sills, etc. We recommend that you vacuum as many times a day that you can for a full month following your treatment.  The technician will likely ask you to place the vacuum after each vacuuming session in the garage in a certain spot so that when the fleas work their way out of the bag or cylinder, that they will come in contact with the products on the floor.   

What to expect

It is very common to see fantastic relief for the first 6-12 days and then the eggs and cocoons will begin to hatch and rupture.  We then come at 2 weeks for the second treatment.  Remember that there is product down that will kill the fleas but nothing kills eggs!   Vacuuming is your friend.