German Roaches

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Visual Description: Pale to dark brown. The pronotum (first segment of the thorax) has two dark parallel bars on it.

Size: 1/2 - 5/8"

Habitat: Human structures. Commonly found in kitchens (fridge, oven, dishwasher, electrical appliances), bathrooms, restaurants, food processing facilities, any structure with a kitchen. If found outdoors see Asian Cockroaches.

Food: Anything edible by humans or pets, including other roaches

How did they get in my house?: These roaches are great hitchhikers, traveling within groceries, boxes, packages, appliances and even furniture delivered from infested areas. They have been known to ride in purses and backpacks.

Reproduction: Females can produce an egg capsule (Ootheca) after 3 months of development. Every ootheca may contain 30 to 40 baby cockroaches (nymphs). One female may produce 120 to 200 nymphs in her lifespan of 200 days.

Danger Level: multiply quickly, can spread bacteria, create musty smell

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