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Silver Fish

The adult body length of a silverfish is 1/2″ excluding the tail. Its coloration ranges from gray to almost black, with a metallic sheen. All silverfish taper from head to tail. They are covered with silvery scales and have a flat, carrot-shaped body. Three long, slender antennae-like appendages project from the end of the abdomen, giving them the name “bristle tails.”

Silver fish like humid, moist areas and are most commonly found in bathrooms and closets. Although, because they feed off a variety of things such as glue, paper items, clothing or high protein foods, silver fish can also be found in many other areas of a home. They prove no big threat to humans, but are mostly an annoyance. Being nocturnal, home owners can't always see/know the extent of the infestation till they start noticing damage on their paper goods or other materials around them home. 

To help prevent silver fish infestations in the home, we customize our service to you by not only treating baseboards, bathrooms, closets, etc. but by also looking for prime feeding areas in your home that would be of concern such as bookcases or libraries and giving extra thought and attention to these areas.