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Don't be embarrassed about the bed bug infestation in your Cedar Park property. Anything and anybody can be the target of these parasitic pests, including you, your pets, and even your luggage.

Maybe you think the bed bugs have won this round, and you'll just move to another room or hotel to wait out the infestation. Unfortunately, this is both impractical and unmanageable. Bed bugs will likely travel with you via luggage, and even the ones left behind can survive for over half a year without a single blood meal.

Bed bug infestations can certainly be difficult, but there's no need to vacate the premises or throw up your hands in defeat. Even if you're experiencing a significant bed bug infestation that has spread beyond your bed, you can save your house with the help of the Green Pest Guys! Give us a call today to request your free quote and learn more about pest control in Cedar Park, TX.

Our Bed Bug Control Process

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The professional bed bug control process from Green Pest Guys offers an eco-friendly alternative to bed bug treatments in Cedar Park. We begin by cleaning out your bedroom drawers and putting your clothes, bedding, and curtains in trash bags, which help you collect and treat problematic linens in a laundromat or other area. You will need to set the heat to the highest possible setting to destroy both bed bugs and their eggs, and we recommend two dryer cycles on high heat for maximum results.

Once we have cleaned out the drawers and cabinets around your room, we'll treat every crack and crevice where bed bugs may be hiding. Because bed bugs are invasive and crawl into even the smallest nook and cranny, we will be exceedingly careful to treat everything and anything. Our experts will remove wall plates, take picture frames off the wall, and treat objects in and around your sleeping areas. We'll even encase your mattress and box spring in bed bug-proof casings, all included in the original price!

If your bed bug infestation has spread outside the bedroom, Green Pest Guys will move into common living areas around the house. We will treat carpets, furniture, appliances, and wherever else your bed bugs might be with a powerful treatment that gets rid of bed bugs fast.

All bed bug treatments from Green Pest Guys are repeated two weeks after the initial application. Our expert scheduling ensures the removal of bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle. We will also leave monitoring stations behind that track the lingering signs of bed bugs, which our team will check every time we visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Control

There are many types of bed bug treatments, but most are not eco-friendly or without risks. The common treatment types include heat treatments, freeze treatments, tenting, and biological and botanical treatments.

Some companies employ the use of specialized equipment to bring the core temperature of the home up to 124 degrees Fahrenheit. Freeze treatments utilize liquid nitrogen to target specific infested areas of the house. Bed bugs supposedly cannot survive at these temperatures for extended periods, although plenty of YouTube testimonials say otherwise.

Some think that tenting is the answer to extreme bed bug infestations. In this process, your entire home will be covered and gassed with powerful pest control fumes. However, because the process is both intensive and invasive, it can be very dangerous and cost-prohibitive.

The best and most efficient bed bug treatments are biological and botanical applications. These eco-friendly pest control measures use chrysanthemum flower-based products and a unique bed bug fungus to stop infestations in their tracks. You're welcome to contact us here at Green Pest Guys for more information about our home pest control and commercial pest control process.

Banish Bed Bugs From Cedar Park, Dallas-McKinney, & Spring With The Green Pest Guys

With the help of Green Pest Guys, you won't lose to bed bugs. Instead, your Cedar Park home can be totally bed bug-free! Our eco-friendly applications are ready to go whenever you are.

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