Eco-Friendly Pest Control


What is Eco-Friendly Pest Control?

Eco-friendly pest control or Green pest control is an integrated pest management strategy targeted at solving pest problems while minimizing hazardous effects to people, wildlife and the planet. In short, it takes care of pests with minimal negative effect on you and your home. Most people associate pest control with an exterminator spraying chemicals, but green pest control doesn’t start there and sometimes doesn’t even involve pesticides.

At Green Pest Guys, green is more than a product use, it's a philosophy. There are many non-chemical actions that can be taken to prevent pests from entering your home. Our pest control program includes home inspection, assessment of infestation (or the potential) and action. We will take our time to inspect your home, take necessary precautions to solve or prevent pest problems and even suggest steps the home owner can take to further prevent pest intrusion. So don’t be surprised (or offended) if we leave you with a recommended list of pest prevention To Dos.

When it comes to product use, many people want to know…

Are Eco-Friendly Products Safe?

What you're really asking about is exposure and toxicity.  This comes down to a choice of product use and a manner of good practice. Our pest control program includes products with the least amount of toxicity. This includes natural, organic repellents such as Wintergreen, Rosemary and Thyme as well as botanical based products such as those derived from the chrysanthemum flower. This combination of products allows us to fight mother nature with mother nature!

The following graph shows a toxicity comparison between products we prefer to use and common household items.

Toxicity Graph.JPG

Green Pest Guys work with a green philosophy when it comes to product placement. Our knowledge of pest habits allows us to use less product more effectively. This means maximum results with minimum exposure.

Safety is our number one priority.

Is Green Pest Control Effective?

Many people want to know if green pest control works. We, along with our many clients, are happy to say that it does! Green pest management involves understanding pests in their eco-system, which unfortunately overlaps yours. Knowing pest habits, appetites and where they like to nest, allows us to eliminate them at their source. We are not about the instant kill (like many store-bought products) we want to create the best long-term results.

Is Green Pest Control Affordable?

You will be surprised to find that our pest control program is competitively priced.  As a family owned and operated company we believe our customer service provides an even better value. Find the office nearest you to get a free quote.