Fire Ant Treatment

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Fire Ants

Everyone wants the comfort of knowing they can go into their yard and not have to fear getting stung by fire ants.  Fire ants are 1/16” –1/4” long and reddish brown with a darker end or abdomen. Aggressive in nature which means they will sting if there mound is disturbed.  Fire ants will make a round dirt mound in sunny areas such as open grass, cement pavers, mulch beds, tree trunks and other similar locations. They like drip systems in planters or around trees for a constant source of water.  Fire ants will migrate from yard to yard and especially after a heavy rain. Green Pest Guys has a solution that is economical and effective.

Green Pest Guys Can Help!

We do include fire ant spot treatments in our general pest control treatment but if we start to see numerous mounds penetrate your yard then we will recommend a special fire ant treatment.  We have found that not one solution is a cure all for fire ants. At Green Pest Guys we have bait treatments or a non-repellent spray treatment. Either way, we have you covered.

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