Flea & Tick Identification & Prevention

Fleas and ticks hiding around your property are a recipe for out-of-control infestations, health risks, and stress.

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What You Need To Know About Fleas & Ticks

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Review the answers to frequently asked questions about fleas and ticks to understand how to identify these pests and to learn more about pest control in Cedar Park, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fleas & Ticks

What are fleas and ticks?

Fleas and ticks are well-known parasitic pests that can easily cause problems once they invade your property. Fleas are small, no larger than a couple of millimeters, and dark in color, while ticks in our area can be as small as a poppy seed or grow as large as five millimeters. They vary in color or pattern depending on the specific tick species you're dealing with.

Both tick and flea infestations can occur at the same time around your property, or they can happen individually. Either way, protecting your property from these pests is essential if you want to avoid fleas and tick bites.

Are fleas and ticks dangerous?

Though many people assume these pests aren't that dangerous based on their small size, fleas and ticks are quite problematic around your property. Fleas transmit diseases such as plague, murine typhus, tapeworms, and cat-scratch fever to humans. They may also cause anemia, heartworm, or lethargy problems in your pets could have fatal consequences.

Ticks are known for transmitting diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and many more unpleasant illnesses with their bite, in addition to triggering allergic reactions or introducing bacteria into bitten areas.

If you want to avoid the dangers that these pests bring, it's essential to get rid of fleas and ticks with the help of our flea and tick treatment service technicians.

Why do I have a flea and tick problem?

A flea and tick problem is most likely due to your property having many factors that attract these pests on easy display. Access to food ( pets, animals, and humans) to feed on, excess moisture around your property, and overgrown or cluttered areas to hide in, all encourage ticks and fleas to move in and stay put.

Where will I find fleas and ticks?

Outdoors, fleas and ticks hide in long grass, around piles of debris, or on wildlife that wander onto your property. Once inside, fleas and ticks can be found on humans or animals or hiding in fabrics or carpets.

How do I get rid of fleas and ticks?

If you want to get rid of fleas and ticks the right way, contact Green Pest Guys at the first hint of these pest invaders on your property. Our service technicians will work with you to identify your main pest problem areas and develop treatment solutions that work with your home pest control or commercial pest control needs. Trust us to deal with dangerous infestations of pests around your property in the most stress-free way possible.

How can I prevent fleas and ticks in the future?

Flea and tick prevention is simple when you follow our expert tips below:

  • Keep wildlife off your property with a fence or other tools to ensure fleas and ticks stay out too.
  • Treat any pets on your property with a veterinarian-approved flea or tick prevention medication to ensure your pets have protection, and don't bring fleas and ticks inside with them.
  • Cut down long grass and overgrown foliage outdoors to remove flea and tick harborage areas.
  • Address excess moisture issues and declutter interior areas often to reduce flea and tick attractants.

Flea and tick removal and information provided by experts is the best way to combat these pests. For more information on flea and tick prevention or control, contact Green Pest Guys today.

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