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Rodent & Varmint Control In Dallas-McKinney, Spring, & Cedar Park, TX

The best way to get rid of rodents and varmints around your Dallas-McKinney property

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Could Your Property Have A Varmint Or Rodent Problem?

Are you hearing scratching in the ceiling, wall, or behind the oven? Are small animal droppings appearing in your garage, porch, or even in your house? If so, some unwanted mammalian guests may be living in your house; we’re not talking about teenagers!

Like all living creatures, rodents and varmints are on a constant quest for survival and spend their days looking for food, water, and a cozy place to stay. These furry creatures will look for any way to infiltrate our garages, homes, and attics, bringing with them a mess of droppings, fleas and bacteria, and trails of oily dirt from their fur. Worse still, they don’t even pay rent!

We understand this all too well. At the Green Pest Guys, we’ve offered pest control in Dallas-McKinney and surrounding areas for many years without fail. If you need rodents gone, we’re the team to call. Submit an online contact form to learn more.

Our Rodent & Varmint Control Process

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Green Pest Guys can help with all your rodent and other varmint problems in Dallas-McKinney! Our experienced technicians will be able to find and identify the unwanted intruder, discover how they may be gaining access, exclude future intruders and catch or trap the current inhabitants within just a few visits. Our process usually looks like this:

  • We begin by asking questions about the animal evidence around your yard. For example, how long have you heard any mysterious noises? Have you noticed droppings or seen any animals in the yard? Where do you hear the noise?
  • Next, we need to get some background information about the building and its surrounding structure. How long have you lived in or been familiar with the structure in question? Have there been any additions to the original building? Have you had problems in the past?
  • Our team now has all the information they need to begin the inspection process. We will dispatch a technician to examine your home or general surroundings for the signs and symptoms of a rodent infestation.
  • When your technician arrives on the scene, they will immediately want to look at attic spaces, garages, sheds around the building, and other spaces where rodents could be hiding. Your assigned technician will also inspect the exterior of your building for any entry points or signs of rodent/varmint activity.

Once this entire process is complete, our experienced technicians will make recommendations on removing the rodent or varmint problem from your premises entirely. We also work to prevent future furry intruders from entering your structure with the help of segmented exclusion steps.

Exclusion services from Green Pest Guys cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. We currently provide the following:

  • Sealing entry points in the exterior facade of the structure
  • Sealing gaps in roof eaves or roof vents and even gaps in the trim around doors or windows
  • Caulking cracks and gaps around the home

On rare occasions, large gaps or holes in the wall may fall beyond our scope of work. After all, we are a pest control company more than a general contractor! In this case, we will be happy to refer you to the experts who have your needs in mind and give you all the contact info needed to get your questions answered.

Green Pest Guys believes that rodent and varmint control should be quick, simple, and totally transparent. We will provide a free and honest quote at the beginning of our work so you always know how much you can expect to pay. Plus, our rodent control work is completely guaranteed, so you can rest assured that we will get the job done right!

Green Pest Guys will be more than happy to help you remove rodents or varmints from your Dallas-McKinney property. Your wish is our command! Give us a call so that we can ask some basic questions and set up a time for a technician to investigate the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodent & Varmint Control

Green Pest Guys treats a number of frustrating rodents and varmints, including rats, mice, squirrels, and more. Would you like to see what we can do? Give us a call to learn more!

Trust Green Pest Guys With All Your Rodent & Varmint Treatment Needs

It has never been easier to trap, catch, and remove rodents from your Dallas-McKinney property. Green Pest Guys has everything you need for a job well done! Give us a call now so we can get started on your home pest control and commercial pest control services today.

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