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DIY Mosquito Prevention

mosquito at sunset

A mosquito treatment is a sure way to manage the mosquitoes in your yard, but for the best results, mosquito prevention starts with YOU! 

The first step in getting mosquitoes out of your yard is to recognize why they are there in the first place. Apart from seeing you as a delicious meal, there are two factors that attract mosquitoes to your yard, nesting, and resting sites.  

Nesting Sites

Mosquito larvae are aquatic, meaning every species of mosquito lays its eggs in water. Although preferred nesting water sources differ among mosquito species, a good start to a mosquito control program begins with eliminating potential breeding sites around your home. You should know a mosquito can develop from egg to adult in just a thimble-full of water….meaning it doesn’t take much water build up to attract them. This image and the following action list include the first steps a homeowner can take to remove potential breeding sites.

  1. Clean up debris around the home. Texas soil easily stays damp under piles of leaves, boards, and a hodgepodge of outdoor items.
  2. Scan the yard for items that may hold water.
  3. Clean out gutters and check for correct drainage.
  4. Yards with poor drainage will accumulate water; consider options to level your yard or install a french drain to improve drainage.

Resting Sites

Once matured, adults will rest in shady areas protected from the wind, including trees, shrubs, potted plants, patios, and front entryways. Trimming back overgrown greenery around the house can help. Many Texas suburb homes are built with 3 to 5 feet of grass between either side of the house and the surrounding fence. Areas such as this can provide great little harbor sites for mosquitoes until their next meal walks through the gate.

Although there are ways to reduce nesting sites around a home, it is impractical to tear out all foliage in the name of mosquito control, and there will always be a place for them to rest around the home. That is where a Green Pest Guys Mosquito Treatment comes in!