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Getting A Handle On The Texas Mosquito Problem

Whether you’re relaxing at the pool, barbecuing in the backyard, or entertaining friends outside, no one is interested in mosquitoes crashing the party. The mosquitoes of Cedar Park are annoying nuisances that also act as vectors for diseases, including serious viruses like Zika, malaria, and chikungunya.

Although mosquitoes are flying pests that could come from virtually anywhere, there is much you can do to reduce mosquito problems around your house. It all starts with the expert assistance of the Green Pest Guys! Submit an online contact form to learn more about our pest control services in Cedar Park, TX.

Green Mosquito Control From Green Pest Guys

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Although there are ways to reduce nesting sites around a home, it’s impractical to tear out all your foliage in the name of mosquito control. There will always be a place for mosquitoes to rest around the house, regardless of the prevention measures you take. That’s where the Green Pest Guys mosquito treatment comes in!

Your Green Pest Guys technician will inspect your yard, looking for the factors bringing mosquitoes to your space. Your technician may also offer suggestions on ways to reduce mosquito nesting sites. Any nesting sites that you can’t remediate by external controls, including low spots in the yards or permanent water-collecting fixtures, can be treated with our eco-friendly, biological treatment methods that prevent mosquito development. We’ve got your back!

Next, your Green Pest Guys technician will treat both mosquito resting and nesting sites. Our treatment may look like a fine mist from a backpack fogger, a spray application from a backpack or hose, or even a simple pot of liquid placed in areas of high activity. With your safety in mind, we will target common nesting spots found during the inspection.

Organic and botanical-based products from the Green Pest Guys have a triple-action effect; killing adult mosquitoes, preventing mosquitoes from breeding, and repelling mosquitoes from your yard entirely. You just need to pay one price to get all three controls. It really is that simple!

Since every Cedar Park yard and its weather will look slightly different, the effectiveness and longevity of your treatments will also look slightly different. On average, most of our homeowners see great results for one to two months, which allows us to return during the active season to stop infestations in their tracks. Remember, the frequency of our treatments depends on your preferences and the layout of your yard.

Ready to get started on mosquito control in Cedar Park, TX? Call today for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Control

All types of mosquitoes are aquatic, meaning that every species must lay its eggs in water in order to survive. Although preferred nesting water sources will differ among mosquito species, a good start to a mosquito control program begins with eliminating potential breeding sites around your property. Keep in mind that a mosquito can develop from egg to adult in just a thimble-full of water. It doesn’t take much to encourage these pesky insects, so professional pest control treatments should always be your first line of defense.

You can get started on professional home pest control services by contacting the Green Pest Guys today.

Reduce Mosquito Populations With Eco-Friendly Treatments

You can get started on mosquito treatments in Cedar Park with the help of Green Pest Guys. Our eco-friendly pest control measures are just what you need to defend the yard with pride. Contact us today for additional details.

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