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Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches From Your House

cockroach on bread in a home

Home pest control can be a challenging process, especially when you’re battling with a roach infestation. It can be frustrating as well as time-consuming, plus cockroaches can very quickly contaminate your food and surfaces. Unfortunately, a cockroach infestation is somewhat impossible to eliminate on your own. We at Green Pest Guys want to share a few practical tips on how to get rid of roaches at your residence.

Roaches Are Hard To Get Rid Of

Why? Let’s consider their food habits – if your space usually has unsealed food items or scraps falling off, roaches will be attracted to those areas. You may clean thoroughly, but there will be some crumbs left around which they can survive on.

To your surprise, roaches can go up to a month without food – so even if there’s nothing for these buggers to feed on and get inside accidentally, they can persist for days to find something for themselves.

Another thing they favor is water – regardless of if it’s fresh or murky. Now here’s the catch – you may eliminate all water sources from your house, such as pet water bowls or open bottles, but it’s impossible to get rid of all traces of water. Moisture is also an excellent source for them to live on. Any kind of leakage or humidity creates favorable conditions for them. If they don’t get water at all, they can go up to a week without it.

Finally, seal all entry points to keep cockroaches away. We suggest our clients fix all cracks and gaps as well. But can your literally close all holes? We’ve seen cockroaches entering from the faucets, sides of the windows, and a lot of other crevices you may not even know of.

This makes eliminating cockroaches a tough task in Texas properties. But that doesn’t mean you’ll just give up on it and not do what you can. Although short-lived, self-help solutions can work until you don’t call for professional assistance. So, here’s what you can do!

Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches must always be taken seriously. These are responsible for spreading diseases and are certainly an unwanted element in your space. So as a property owner, what is it that you can do? Keep these five points in mind:

1. Identify The Species And Severity

There’s a possibility that you just see a single roach somewhere around, but that’s an indication of danger. If there is one, you can also find more. So, the first method to get rid of roaches is to identify the type you have, where they are entering from, and the severity of the infestation. Texas is home to various cockroaches, so it’s essential to understand the type of cockroach you have in your space. This will enable you to produce a workable plan of action and carry out further steps with precision.

2. Make Your Space Less Desirable For Critters

If not, make cleaning the property a part of your everyday routine, or at least a weekly habit. Go that extra mile to deter roaches from getting or staying inside. Clear all surfaces, wash dishes before use, keep food in sealed packages or containers, pick fallen food, and cover trash bins or bags tightly.

3. Seal All Entryways

Fix all cracks and gaps, even the fine ones, to restrict these entryways for the roaches. These pesky pests are not so large that they may not be able to get through. Make sure at least the visible cracks are all taken care of. Also, reinforce the existing seals around doors, air conditioners, and windows.

4. Keep Off Outdoor Lighting

Whenever it’s possible, turn off any outdoor lighting to avoid attracting flying species of roaches. Any light source can create a beacon for flying insects to attracted to your home and get inside. Roaches may attack porch lights at night, so reducing light sources outdoors will lower the risk of infestation. Removing the comforts roaches are looking for is the best bet.

5. Call Professionals For Critter Free Living

Clutter inside and outside is your worst enemy when it comes to pests. Keeping your spaces spick and span will go a long way to prevent these unwanted critters, but a long-term solution is a preventative plan of action deployed by professional pest control in Cedar Park, TX. They’re well aware of the situation, handle several such complaints every day, and can suggest appropriate steps.

Green Pest Guys Can Help With Pest Problems!

We hope the tips mentioned above help prevent the infestation of cockroaches on your property. As winter approaches, you may start seeing an increase in roach activity. These points will come in handy during winter and year-round!

If you have any unwanted critters, despite taking all measures, be sure to contact a reputable and reliable pest control company in Texas to remove these creepy crawlers.

The most dependable way to protect yourself and your family is with professional help. Experts at Green Pest Guys can effectively work on protecting you from the dangers of roaches. Contact us online to request a FREE QUOTE or to book your appointment. We serve the whole of Austin, Dallas, and North Houston areas. We offer customized Eco-friendly treatment packages to take care of your needs. Call one of our professionals today!