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Your How-To Guide On Protecting Your Wooden Garage From Pests

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Having a wooden garage may be a visually appealing choice for your house. The rich colors and feel of wood make it a preferred option amongst several homeowners. But to keep your garage looking its best, you’ll have to save it from pests.

Yes, wooden garages are more prone to pests who feed themselves from the wood damaging the entire structure. And for your knowledge, termites aren’t the only wood-destroying pests you’ll ever come across. Many other wood-eating insects can damage your property.

So if you’re experiencing pest infestation in your wooden garage, it’s time to eliminate these bugging bugs. Here’s a quick how-to guide on protecting your wooden garage with pest control in Dallas-McKinney, TX.

1.     Keep Things Organized

It’s no secret – common household pests in Texas are fond of dark and messy environments. It gives them a comfy space and feed. So instead of merely dumping all stuff and creating clutter, get things organized. Use sealed storage; that’s, of course, not cardboard or wooden. Put up the packed items on shelves, no open trash cans, and place panty or pet food items in airtight containers.

Also, get rid of any dark corners and keep things neatly arranged for the most time. Having your garage properly ventilated will further help in keeping the space airy. Because the cozier it gets, and the more unnecessary stuff keeps lying untouched for days or months, the more are the chances for pests to lurk in the garage.

2.     Fix Cracks

Pests don’t come in through the open doors. These annoying creatures easily crawl in from the cracks or gaps in the walls, doors, and ceilings. In fact, the spaces around the windows can also provide them an easy entry. So it’s best to fix all cracks, gaps, openings, and holes.

First, repair the visible ones. Next, get a flashlight to see the ones you will usually not notice. Go for a thorough inspection as even a minor gap can be the cause of a significant problem allowing the critters to make their way inside. And even minor repairs can go a long way in guarding your space.

3.     Paint It Up

This is quite helpful advice – wood that can be covered, paint it up. Coating your garage this way will prevent any pests from getting inside the wood to feed on it. The paint will act as sturdy protection for your wooden garage. You can also use a water sealant to avert any water damage, especially moisture, which invites more termites to get inside the wood.

4.     Rethink The Lighting

You’ll agree on this one – most pests (excluding flies or moths) don’t like light and take shelter in darker areas. Well-lit areas are not the best space for them. So what must you really do in this case? Rethink the lighting strategy! Have more natural light coming inside. Use artificial lighting if it’s nighttime and you’d be entering the garage for any work. Don’t keep your garage too bright or keep the lights on always.

More light can create a warmer environment for pests to reside. However, pitch-black darkness may also produce favorable circumstances for pests to survive. Thus, get smart with your light usage!

5.     Use Pest Repellents

Taking things one step ahead – secure the perimeters, use pest repellents, and prevent even the smallest critters from sneaking in. Get any choicest powder, spray, or gel that’ll do the job.

Avoid having any chemical-based products if you’re allergic or have kids/ pets at home who may spend their time around that area. Natural repellents such as peppermint oil also work wonders to keep those creepy crawlers away safely.

6.     Deep Clean

Every time we get any query regarding a severe infestation, we hear people saying how unnecessary they find it to deep clean their garage. In fact, they even find it pointless to clean the garage that often! Many homeowners bypass cleaning their garage unless they might be selling their property or remodeling their house.

Take it from us, Green Pest Guys with tons of industry experience, not deep cleaning your wooden garage every once a while will attract the same level of risks as not cleaning your wooden bedroom cabinet or floors.

Besides termites, there can be spiders, rodents, ants, etc., invading your wooden garage. All the messy stuff makes for a very conducive environment for these bugs to survive and create a problem. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to keep the garage sparkling clean – and this applies to not just wooden but every garage to avoid any infestation.

7.     Call Professionals

Besides taking the above measures, it’s always best to call for professional home pest control to save your wooden garage from any damage. There are two types of homes, one, that have termites, and the other, that’ll have termites. The saying is correct for your garage as well. At Green Pest Guys, we are qualified termite control experts who can help you treat your space so no pests can peek in.

Wooden spaces make an enticing shelter for these annoying pests. Professionals like us can get you a practical plan of action to fix the issue for an extended time and assure peace of mind while avoiding hefty repair costs.

Troubled With Pests? Schedule An Appointment With Us!

Finding bugs in your wooden garage can be unsettling and inconvenient. But if you do find critters of any type in your garage, thoroughly clean the space, fix cracks, place all items in sealable containers, and most importantly – take measures to remove moisture. These steps apply even to your regular maintenance routine.

Next, go for routine inspections to save yourself from blowing thousands of dollars on repairs. If you require professional assistance and are anywhere in Texas, Green Pest Guys can help! We serve Austin, Dallas, or North Houston areas. Contact us here to get your free quote today or to schedule an appointment. Our certified technicians can guide you better and suggest a treatment that suits your budget and needs.