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Pest Control In Kingwood, TX

Kingwood, a master-planned community located in northeastern Houston, is a haven of natural beauty with many parks and greenbelts. Its schools are some of the best in the state, in part due to our residents' strong sense of community and involvement.

Being healthy and active in Kingwood is easy, thanks to its many golf courses, community pools, and more. From strolling in the Kingwood Town Center Park, playing a round of golf at the Kingwood Country Club or the Deerwood Golf Club, or simply taking a bike ride to admire the scenic views of the natural surroundings, Kingswood has much to offer to fans of the outdoors.

Unfortunately, the downside of living so close to natural areas is the significant pest population in the area, which can be enough to impact your daily life significantly. If you are struggling with an infestation, Green Pest Guys provide pest control in Kingwood that is green, eco-friendly, and highly effective.

Residential Pest Control In Kingwood

kingwood tx pest control

Pests have no place in your home, as they can wreak havoc by damaging the structure of your house, making your family and pets sick, and causing significant expenses by contaminating your food supply.

At Green Pest Guys, we can handle mosquitoes, rodents, termites, fire ants, bed bugs, scorpions, fleas, ticks, and more with green products and guaranteed service.

Contact us today if you are looking for an effective solution for residential pest control. One of our licensed service members will help you schedule an inspection of your property to determine why pests got inside and what you can do to eliminate them swiftly.

Commercial Pest Control In Kingwood

Texas businesses are often at risk of pest infestations for many reasons, including the hot weather. To better understand your situation, call us to have one of our staff members inspect your commercial property. It can be necessary to schedule regular inspections and treatments in some cases.

Unfortunately, pests can be dangerous in your business as they scare away customers and spread contamination. They can also cause significant expenses, destroying your inventory and damaging your property.

At Green Pest Guys, we have highly effective commercial pest control services. Call or email us today to find out more. With the proper treatments, your business can be pest-free year-round. 

Tips To Make Your Kingwood Home Less Appealing To Termites

No one wants to be invaded by termites, but these tiny insects don't discriminate and will take over if they can find the proper conditions to thrive. The following tips can help make your home less appealing to these destructive pests:

  • Keep unnecessary wood away from your home: While termites will chew on the structure of homes relentlessly, they can also do so on wood piles. Termites on your property are more likely to make their way into your home.
  • Consider termite-resistant products: A pest control professional can help determine if termite treatments are a good idea for your porch steps, decks, fence posts, and more.
  • Lower humidity levels: Using dehumidifiers, keeping gutters and downspouts clean and well-maintained, and fixing leaks can help keep termites away by minimizing excess moisture.
  • Seal cracks and gaps: Termites can enter through small openings. Sealing them can prevent termites from coming inside.
  • Keep the soil around your home well-drained: It is essential to ensure the ground around your home is not too moist, as this could cause wood rot and attract termites.
  • Schedule regular inspection: A pest control specialist can look for signs of termite infestation, such as mud tubes, termite droppings, or damaged wood. Noticing infestations early on can make them easier to treat.

If you suspect you have a termite problem, we can help. Contact Green Pest Guys today to schedule an inspection and discuss termite treatment options.

The Best Scorpion Control Solution For Your Kingwood Home

The best scorpion control solution for your home will likely be a combination of prevention practices and occasional treatments with a professional pest control company. Some of the most effective methods for controlling scorpions you can use include:

  • Reducing moisture and shade: Reducing moisture levels and shaded areas can make your home less hospitable to scorpions.
  • Sealing entry points: Scorpions can enter your home through small cracks and gaps. Sealing them can prevent scorpions from getting inside your home.
  • Scheduling professional inspections: Regularly inspecting your home and surrounding areas for scorpions can help to identify and address potential issues before they become an infestation.
  • Treatments and traps: Many products are available to eliminate scorpions. A professional pest control company can determine the best type of treatment for the specific species of scorpions in your area.

Green Pest Guys is your go-to company to eliminate these dangerous invaders. Call us today to learn more about our strategies for scorpion control in Kingwood.

Serving Kingwood, Texas, and surrounding areas, Green Pest Guys specializes in eco-friendly treatments to eliminate and prevent pest infestations in your home. Contact us to schedule a home visit and get rid of unwanted invaders for good.

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