Scorpion Control

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When it comes to Texas and scorpions it is not a matter of if you see one, it is when.  At Green Pest Guys, we can take care of any scorpion issues you may have. Scorpions do not need much of an opening to get into your home.  Scorpions can come in from small openings in your weather-stripping and doors to cracks in foundation and pipes. Scorpions are hunters which mean they will look for locations to hunt and places to hide.  Common areas inside are closets, cabinets, crawl spaces, attics, garages and storage spaces. You will also find them in any location where items do not get moved very often. Common areas outside are pile of rocks, wood, leaves, mulch, etc.  In addition you can find them under stones, lawn decorations, cracks and crevices and on various landscaping walls.

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Scorpions will die quickly when they are sprayed directly.  If they walk across one of our barriers then it comes down to biology.  Scorpions and spiders are what we call foot to mouth insects. As soon as they put their foot in their mouth to eat then they will die from our products.  Unfortunately, they only eat once a week or once every two weeks. Understand that if you do see a scorpion in your home it is not a matter of whether our barriers are working but rather their eating patterns.

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