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How To Treat And Prevent Fleas

a flea on some hair

Fleas are a widespread problem in every property, regardless of whether you have pets or not. These are much more than just pesky nuisance – fleas affect the well-being of your pets and your health as well. But how can your pets suddenly get fleas if they were flea free all this while? In fact, how can you protect your home from a flea infestation? Let’s find out.

Where Do Fleas Hide?

Pesky creatures like fleas prefer hiding in the crevices. They massively grow their population in places where they can feed easily, for instance, under the pet bedding, carpeting, in the crawlspace, under the porch, or in garages. These are the areas fleas can reproduce undisturbed. They may also inhabit household furnishings, furniture, and upholstery since stuff like this also provides them the needed warmth. All in all, any comfortable areas for them to feed, breed and stay warm are where you can find fleas in more significant numbers. Simply put, fleas can be found just anywhere on the property during an infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas?

Property owners can undoubtedly control a flea infestation by themselves or with professional help. When doing it yourself, it is essential to understand the kind of infestation to have, what products to use, and how to go about the entire process. Whether you wish to DIY or hire a pest control service, prepping the property beforehand will make sure the process is smooth and unhindered. Therefore, here are few things to keep in mind for preventing and treating fleas:

Treat Your Pets

If you have pets at home, fleas are a more common sight. So treat your pets carefully - not just the ones who show signs but any pets that you have at your property, and even your neighbor or visitors’ pets. Each one must be treated thoroughly. Use a quick-relief flea repellent spray, give them flea shampoo baths, or apply a topical treatment prescribed by a veterinarian. These methods are pretty powerful, so do not employ all of them at once. If you walk your pets in the woods or take them to common animal areas like parks, make sure you brush them with a flea comb to ensure they aren’t bringing in any of those pesky creatures.

Get Regular With Your Laundry

Just getting the fleas off your pets isn’t all. Make it a habit to also get regular with your laundry efforts. Wash off the pet bedding, quilt, linens, blankets, etc. Whatever washables you may have, including towels, your clothes, and any other fabrics, clean them regularly. Stuff stored away in closed confined cupboards may be safe but make sure you look for infestation signs from time to time.


Once the washing routine is underway, time to start vacuuming. This step is a must in your flea control treatment process. So, make sure you vacuum all areas thoroughly at least once every week. Clean the carpets, bare floors, rugs, furniture, upholstery, pet accessible areas, and especially the crevices where fleas can hide and not be visible with the naked eyes. This makes sure that all the living and uncommon areas are used and clutter is cleared, so fleas do not have a comfortable spot to get away quickly.

Dispose Vacuum Bags

What will efficiently eliminate the fleas and the eggs is getting rid of the trash. Do not keep the garbage piling up at any spot on the property or outside. Make sure you dispose of the same as soon as possible. You can also flush the bag-less vacuums after each session and not allow the trash to sit idle in one place.

Clear The Outdoors

The outdoor yard flea prevention is also a necessary step to carry out. It can be challenging to keep an eye on fleas if you have a lawn. Not just your pets, but any stray animals like cats or raccoons may come wandering in your yard and leave behind flea eggs. Therefore, we always suggest clients keep up with their yard maintenance as it will deter these animals from entering your space so often, making the area less hospital for the fleas. So keep the yard debris cleaned up, trim tree branches to allow more sunlight, keep the grass short, and no overwatering.

Use Flea Control Products

The above measures will undoubtedly keep the property clean, but it’s necessary to use flea control products to clean, care for pets, and help with the usual property upkeep. It will keep fleas from taking shelter and prevent reoccurrence. Besides, it is also best to discuss your options with someone who understands the local needs and will suggest the needed actions accordingly.

Call Professionals

Getting rid of fleas isn’t easy. Plus, it isn’t always guaranteed that fleas won’t return – these creatures can enter your yard or property, hanging on your clothes. So, indoor and outdoor flea prevention is vital. Despite you doing everything right, you’re probably going to keep identifying and killing them every once or twice a while. Luckily, you will not have to go at it alone. You can call professionals at Green Pest Guys, and we will help you understand your options and take over your stress to keep the property clean and safe.

Have More Questions? Ask Our Pros!

Fleas are insects that feed mostly on blood and are commonly found on pets. They cause more irritations than diseases, and if ingested, they can cause tapeworms. It can be a long battle when dealing with an infestation. The female can lay thousands of eggs, so the best advice for property owners is prevention.

Professionals at Green Pest Guys can help since this is our everyday job, and we know how to get rid of fleas for good. We employ only eco-friendly yet powerful cleaners to decontaminate your space. Our team has the needed expertise and equipment to go about the process stress-free and quickly. Besides, customer satisfaction and transparency are what we believe in to offer you just the best. We further educate you on the post pest control measures and assure peace of mind keeping these creepy critters away.

If you have any queries regarding our pest control procedures, get in touch with us right away. We’ve been assisting clients all across Texas, including Austin, Dallas, and North Houston. You can also check out our bug blog for more information on a quick and careful pest control service.