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Rat Control 101: What Every Cedar Park Property Owner Should Know

rat chewing on banana on counter

Rats are troublesome rodents that often venture indoors seeking sources of food, water, or shelter. Rats represent both a public health concern and a potential source of property damage. Two of the most problematic species in this region include roof rats (Rattus rattus) and Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus). 

Are you a Cedar Park property owner wondering how to get rid of a rat infestation? Rats are strong breeders that multiply rapidly and become deeply entrenched in hard-to-reach areas; therefore, speaking with a professional pest extermination company is often suggested.

A licensed Cedar Park pest control professional understands the behavior of these creatures and knows how to get rid of rats in the attic, crawlspace, and other interior areas. Further, a professional provider will explain the best rat prevention strategies that will limit the likelihood of experiencing subsequent intrusions. 

How To Identify A Rat Infestation

As generally nocturnal pests, people often hear rats rummaging around after dark inside walls, crawlspaces, or attics. The presence of rat droppings, musty odors, and gnaw marks are common indicators of an intrusion. 

How do I differentiate mice from kinds of rats? Mice usually measure between six and eight inches from the nose to the tail, while rats commonly exceed 16 inches. Mice also produce small droppings that appear roughly the size of a grain of rice, while rats create larger droppings. 

The Damage And Dangers Rats Can Create

What are some of the common diseases rats carry? Rats in Cedar Park might carry leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, tularemia, and several other health risks. Prevent pets from directly encountering rats, as they might transmit diseases and have exposure to fleas and ticks. 

Once indoors, rats contaminate surfaces with their waste, damage insulation material, and may chew through wires or cables.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Rats

Effective rat prevention involves limiting factors that will likely attract these unwanted pests. Some of the primary conditions that will draw rats to the area include: 

  • Limit sources of food in exterior yard areas by cleaning thoroughly after cookouts, promptly removing fallen fruits, and never leaving pet food bowls in deck or patio areas. 
  • Prevent roof rats from accessing the upper roof area by keeping tree branches and shrubs trimmed back away from the structure. 
  • Closely inspect the exterior area near the foundation for any cracks or crevices that might allow access, and fill them using a weather-resistant caulk or sealant.
  • Diligently clean kitchen floors and countertops and place all leftovers in the refrigerator or sealed containers 
  • Properly manage all trash bags containing food scraps by always placing them in a durable garbage can with a lid that will impede access. 

Keep in mind that roof rats often enter upper floors or attics through openings that develop; therefore, regularly inspecting, maintaining, and repairing roofs, eaves, vents, and chimneys are important. 

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats

The experts with Green Pest Guys receive the latest training regarding the best way to get rid of rats and understand what keeps rats away from the property. Many property owners underestimate the importance of limiting attractants in yard areas, which initially draw rats and other types of rodents near the structure. Once indoors, these pests will pose health risks and potentially create property damage. 

After reaching out to our team, we will deploy a well-qualified professional to the premises that will perform a detailed interior and exterior property inspection. This first initial property assessment is a critical step in obtaining a “big picture” understanding of pest-related concerns. During this process, our technician will answer any questions and explain the best available treatment options. 

Contact our office today for additional information.