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What You Need To Know About Rodents & Varmints

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Common wildlife species, including rodents and other varmints, are some of the toughest pests to keep out of your Texas home. Green Pest Guys have the resources and solutions you need for pest control in Cedar Park, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents & Varmints

What are rodents and varmints?

Rodents are a group of mammals characterized by their long incisors that never stop growing. Having to constantly grind down their teeth is the characteristic that binds the tiniest mouse and the biggest capybara together.

"Varmint," meanwhile, is a regional colloquialism for vermin, specifically nuisance wildlife. We've got a lot of varmints here in Texas, and both they and their rodent counterparts can cause huge problems for homeowners in our service area.

Common species you might run across in our area include:

  • House mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • Field mice
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Skunks
  • Armadillos

While these are all different species that have their own unique looks and habits, many of the same things attract them to your property.

Are rodents and varmints dangerous?

Rodents and varmints can absolutely be dangerous, mostly because of the diseases they spread. Rats and mice spread many dangerous food-borne illnesses, like salmonellosis and leptospirosis, and many varmint species can spread the deadliest virus known to humanity — rabies.

Rabies is spread by the bite of animals like infected raccoons and skunks, and it has a 100% death rate once symptoms appear. Even though most people never contract rabies, thanks to the availability of the rabies vaccine, getting a rabies jab after a bite from a varmint can still be painful and cost you thousands.

Why do I have a rodent and varmint problem?

Most of the time, you develop a wildlife, mouse, or rat problem because you inadvertently make it too easy for rodents and varmints to access the things they need on your property. For instance, rodents could access the food they need by rooting through pantries full of uncovered goodies.

Varmints, meanwhile, might be coming onto your property because you have uncovered garbage and pet food or a vegetable garden with no barrier around it. Ground-level water sources may also attract rodents and other varmints.

Where will I find rodents and varmints?

Rodents and varmints can be found virtually anywhere, depending on the species. For instance, different kinds of rats and mice may prefer to live in your basement or crawl space, while raccoons take up residence in your garage, and opossums and squirrels get comfortable in your attic. The one thing all these animals have in common is they'll bed down wherever is most convenient for them. It all depends on whether they're good at climbing, burrowing, or chewing through walls and ripping up insulation.

How do I get rid of rodents and varmints?

If you end up with a rodent or a wildlife infestation, it's important to let rodent and varmint control services handle it, especially for wildlife problems. While trying to do your own rodent control will likely fail, doing your own wildlife control can sometimes get you into serious trouble because varmints like skunks, opossums, and raccoons won't hesitate to defend themselves.

Trying to get rid of these animals, in particular, can get you bitten, scratched up, or (in the case of skunks) sprayed. The best thing you can do if you wind up with an infestation is to rely on a reputable home pest control and commercial pest control company. Here at Green Pest Guys, we know how to remove wildlife and rodents from your property safely and effectively, protecting you from potentially expensive and painful bites.

How can I prevent rodents and varmints in the future?

The good news is you don't have to rely on us for wildlife and rodent prevention. There are many things you can do around your home to make it much less attractive to these dangerous pests:

  • Keep all indoor and outdoor trash and compost covered with wildlife-proof lids.
  • Store all pantry foods in hardshell, airtight containers.
  • Clean up immediately after meals and never leave dirty dishes sitting out – this includes pet meals and dishes.
  • Vacuum and wipe surfaces frequently to pick up crumbs that could attract smaller rodents.
  • Use metal mesh over potential animal entryways around your home, like ventilation and crawl space openings.
  • Get rid of all ground-level water sources that you can, including kiddie pools, outdoor pet bowls, and the like.

Following these best practices can make your home highly inconvenient for wildlife and rodents alike to infest. And if they invade your property anyway, you can always count on the mean, green, pest-fighting machines here at Green Pest Guys.

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