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Ants present a unique challenge to pest control companies for many reasons. More than 30 species of ants can be found in and around North American structures including carpenter ants, “‘sugar ants'” or odorous house ants, fire ants, pharaoh ants, argentine ants, etc. Successful ant control requires exact ant identification as treatment methods can vary substantially.

The crazy Rasberry ant or Rasberry crazy ant is an invasive species of ant found near Houston, Texas. There is currently a large infestation in at least 11 counties in Texas. The ants appear to prefer the warmth and moistness of the coast. The ants are about 3 millimeters long (equivalent of one-eighth inch) and are covered with reddish-brown hairs. The colonies have multiple queens. They feed on ladybugs, fire ants and Attwater’s prairie chicken hatchlings, as well as plants. They are able to out-compete fire ants because they reproduce faster. The ants are not attracted to ordinary ant baits, are not controlled by over-the-counter pesticides, and are harder to fully exterminate because their colonies have multiple queens.

Please call us on your ant problem, we will try to properly identify the ant then recommend the proper solution.