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Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Burnet, TX

Burnet is a small city, but it sure has a lot of local flavor. There is no shortage of local eateries in Burnet; you might even say that food is at the heart of the community. There are also numerous annual festivals that the city is home to, as well as year-round activities. Burnet draws people who work in the area’s industries as well as families who come for the public school system. There is also the added benefit of close proximity to Austin, which is very appealing to many. 

Because pest infestations can also be a year-round occurrence for many homeowners and businesses, Green Pest Guys are here to help. We deliver eco-friendly pest control in Burnet, TX, that is always guaranteed. Our entire team is driven by our integrity and your satisfaction. We work closely with our customers to find tailored solutions that will actually create results. By following the methods of Integrated Pest Management, we’ll be able to understand why pest problems are happening as well. Call us today for your no-obligation inspection. 

Residential Pest Control In Burnet

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When you want to keep pests out of your home, Green Pest Guys has the solution for you. Since 2010, we’ve been focused on customized home pest control in Burnet, TX, that is built upon Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods. By abiding by IPM protocols, we are able to be as environmentally conscious as possible and understand the factors that have contributed to your pest problem. Every step that we take is designed to make your life easier, so it’s no surprise that we guarantee your satisfaction with every service. We know that you’ll also find our technicians to be exceptionally skilled, friendly, and helpful. 

If you need assistance with general pest control, we recommend our ongoing maintenance service. This entails interior and exterior treatments that focus on doorways, hotspots, high-traffic areas, and more. We work to draw out pests and create a barrier of protection from new invaders. We’re also proud to offer services for specific pests such as fire ants, mosquitoes, and scorpions when you need them. Call us today for more information!

Commercial Pest Control In Burnet

Don’t leave your protection from pests to chance. Instead, consider commercial pest control in Burnet, TX, from Green Pest Guys. For more than a decade, we’ve been the team that the area’s businesses turn to when they need immediate relief from pest pressures and protection from new ones. We continue to be a beacon in the community because we always act with integrity and respect, and we genuinely care about our customers’ success. Some of our customers include local stores, healthcare facilities, daycares, and apartment buildings. 

We’re able to service a wide scope of industries because we follow Integrated Pest Management standards. This approach helps us gain a holistic understanding of your property and the ways that pests interact with it. This also means that we’re able to understand the root cause of pest populations so that we can develop lasting results. We believe in routine monitoring and adapting treatment plans as your needs evolve. To us, this is a partnership, so we are in constant conversation with our customers and always strive for outstanding service. Call us today to book your no-obligation inspection. 

The Trick To Effective Bed Bug Control In Burnet

Bed bugs are difficult pests to avoid in Burnet because they are parasitic pests that hitchhike from place to place while attached to a host. People can pick them up in any number of locales, including their place of work, or by bringing home used furniture. Once bed bug outbreaks develop, they can be hard to control due to their rate of reproduction and other characteristics. In order to get rid of bed bugs and keep outbreaks from recurring, it’s imperative that every single bed bug be removed, which only a professional can do. 

At Green Pest Guys, we provide comprehensive bed bug control that we guarantee. Our service begins by cleaning out bedrooms, which are a main site for outbreaks. We spot-treat every nook and cranny and will address other rooms if the infestation has spread. We return two weeks later to make any necessary re-treatments. Call us today for more information!

Help! Fire Ants Are Taking Over My Burnet Yard

If you notice fire ants in your Burnet yard, Green Pest Guys can help. We provide fire ant control services that are informed by Integrated Pest Management, so they are as environmentally friendly as possible and work to understand the “why” behind your infestation. 

Before we make any treatments, we always begin with a total yard inspection to determine how far fire ants have spread. This will also give us insight as to any factors that may have attracted the fire ants. After examining our findings, we’ll combine treatments to provide as effective a service as possible. We then monitor your property to confirm that we’ve eliminated the problem. Call us today for more information on getting rid of the fire ants in your yard. 

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