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Eco-Friendly Pest Control In McKinney, TX

McKinney is a suburban-style city that many people flock to for the high quality of life that it provides. Residents of McKinney have access to the bustle and amenities that come with living in a metropolitan setting while also having a little bit of quiet and calm. McKinney has a charming historic center as well as countless country clubs, good public schools, and its own domestic airport. But don’t be fooled; pests love McKinney properties.

At Green Pest Guys, our focus is on delivering eco-friendly pest control in McKinney that we can guarantee. For us, being eco-friendly is a way of life, and as a locally owned company, safety is behind everything that we do. Our skilled technicians follow Integrated Pest Management guidelines in order to address the root cause of your pest problems and find a sustainable method to prevent them. When you entrust your property to us, you will also benefit from our unparalleled customer support. To learn more about our services, please call us today!

Residential Pest Control In McKinney

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At Green Pest Guys, we help McKinney homeowners like you find relief from pests using exclusively eco-friendly methods and treatments. We are a locally owned certified company that is dedicated to making our community a safer place.

Our general pest control program is completely customized to your needs for maximum results. We abide by the Integrated Pest Management approach, so each inspection that we perform is designed to provide us with the information that we need in order to solve and prevent your pest problems. In addition to our general pest control, we offer support for specific pests such as termites, mosquitoes, and ticks. All of these services come with a pest-free guarantee as well. If you’d like to learn more about our residential pest control services in McKinney, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In McKinney

When it comes to keeping your McKinney business free from pests, look no further than Green Pest Guys. We are a locally owned company that specializes in proven, eco-friendly methods. Each of our technicians is certified, courteous, and friendly, so you can always expect the highest level of service at each visit.

Our services follow the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, so you can also expect treatments that are tailored to your exact needs. IPM standards inform the detailed inspections that we perform as well as our overall approach to solving pest concerns. This means that we work to understand pest biology and behavior in order to not only get rid of active pests but to also keep them from returning. In addition to habitat modifications, we only use eco-friendly products too. For more information on our commercial pest control services in McKinney, please call us today.

How Bed Bug Infestations Spread In McKinney

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that rely on people as their food source but also the way that their populations spread.

Here are a few ways that McKinney residents might see infestations move from place to place:

  • Bringing home a secondhand couch, mattress, or furniture item that is already infested
  • Staying in a hotel that has bed bugs and then transferring them to a home
  • Having a coworker bring bed bugs into a place of work, which then attach to personal belongings
  • Running errands at a store
  • Seeing a movie
  • Sending kids to a school that has an infestation
  • Visiting a loved one at a nursing home
  • Having neighbors who have an infestation, which then spreads

The truth is, bed bugs can spread very easily through nearly any place that has people who frequent it. Once bed bugs make their way into a home or place of business, even detecting them can be a challenge. At Green Pest Guys, we use biological and botanical methods of elimination that are safe for people and their properties. We also provide customers with important preparation tips and employ in-depth inspections to understand the scope of the infestation. For more information on bed bug control in McKinney, call us today.

Pro Termite Control Offers Lasting Protection For McKinney Properties

Termites are the type of pest that McKinney residents may have in their homes or businesses without knowing it for a while. They eat away at wood 24/7, which can lead to structural problems that develop over time. But because termite colonies are often located in places that the average person can’t access and their size can range from thousands to millions of members, the best way to address them is with professional services.

At Green Pest Guys, we provide reliable services that completely eliminate termite infestations. They start with a thorough inspection by one of our state-certified technicians. We’ll look for signs of activity as well as areas that could be a potential problem in the future. Our next step is to create and implement a unique treatment plan that uses eco-friendly products. We’ll also make recommendations on how to prevent future termite outbreaks. We typically recommend annual reinspections as well in order to keep termites away long-term. For more information on termite control in McKinney, call us today.

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