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Pest Control In Cypress, TX

Cypress, a stunning suburban city in Greater Houston's northwest, is the place to be for high-quality schools, great neighborhoods, and excellent amenities. Well-planned with various parks, sports fields, a thriving shopping and dining scene, and several popular retail centers and restaurants, Cypress is an amazing place to raise a family. Additionally, being close to the ExxonMobil Campus and the energy corridor, it is an attractive area for many professionals working in the industry.

Residents have much to love in Cypress, including fishing, hiking, and bird-watching in the Cypress Top Historic Park, bike riding along the scenic views of the Cypress Creek Greenway, or playing at the Cypress Skatepark, one of the largest skateparks in Texas.

However, in addition to having a thriving population of happy residents, Cypress is also an excellent area for unwanted pests to multiply and invade. If you are struggling with an infestation, Green Pest Guys is the best green and eco-friendly company for pest control in Cypress and the surrounding areas.

Residential Pest Control In Cypress

cypress tx pest control

Pest infestations are not uncommon in Texas, but they can spell big trouble. Some of them can be very challenging to get rid of, and many can spread pathogens and cause damage to your walls, floors, and more. From termites to cockroaches, without forgetting dangerous wasp and rodent nests, it is best to take every measure to keep pests away from your home.

If you notice unwanted invaders on your property, it is important to address them, as they might settle in and multiply, making treatments lengthier and more costly. At Green Pest Guys, we offer effective and guaranteed residential pest control services in Cypress. Contact us today to find out more and schedule a home inspection. 

Commercial Pest Control In Cypress

Few things are more disheartening than spending a considerable amount of time and money on your business only to be faced with a pest infestation that is bound to drive customers away. Furthermore, many pests like cockroaches and ants can make you and your employees sick, result in failed health inspections, and damage your place of business.

If you need commercial pest control methods that work, our licensed service members can recommend treatments and prevention strategies that fit your needs and situation. Contact us today to schedule an inspection of your commercial property and determine how to best tackle pests in your business.

All The Ways Bed Bugs Can Get Into Your Cypress Home

Bed bugs are tiny insects the size of apple seeds that rely on hosts' blood to survive. They can enter your home in various ways, including:

  • Travel: Bed bugs often enter homes through clothing, luggage, and more after a stay in a hotel, motel, etc.
  • Secondhand furniture: Bed bugs can hide in furniture and other items that have been previously infested, including used beds, couches, and even appliances or books.
  • Multi-unit buildings: Bed bugs can spread between apartments and other multi-unit buildings through walls, making treatment of every unit necessary in case of an infestation.
  • Public transportation: You can pick up bed bugs on buses, trains, or airplanes and bring them back to your home.
  • Guests: Visitors can unknowingly carry bed bugs into your home on their clothing or personal items.

Bed bugs can survive for a long time without food and can travel long distances to find a new host. Eliminating them can be challenging. If you are dealing with an infestation, we can help you get rid of it. Contact us today to find out more about our bed bug control services.

The Most Effective Rodent Control For Your Cypress Home

The most effective rodent control strategy will depend on the infestation level, but combining prevention strategies with professional pest control is generally the best way to eliminate these pests. Some of the best rodent control tips include:

  • Keeping your home clean: Rodents are attracted to food sources and nesting materials. Properly storing food, keeping counters and floors clean, and disposing of trash regularly can help keep them away.
  • Consider exclusion strategies: Sealing holes and cracks in your home's walls, foundation, and roof can prevent rodents from coming inside.
  • Ask about traps, baits, and treatments: If you are interested in trying various rodent control strategies, contact us to find out about our eco-friendly options.

Getting rid of rodents is challenging because they can come in through the tiniest holes and multiply exponentially. If you are dealing with a rodent problem, call us today to schedule a thorough inspection of your property.

There are many reasons for pests to thrive in Cypress, but you shouldn't have to put up with them on your property. At Green Pest Guys, we offer a variety of green and eco-friendly treatments and prevention strategies to make your home pest-free.

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