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It’s always better to stay prepared and apply methods to exclude and prevent pests on your property. Pests of all sorts will try their best to get into your home or business and cause trouble. Because dwellings have available food, water, and hiding places, they are an ideal target for pests. Reduce headaches and the chance of infestations by contacting University Park pest control to thwart unwanted visitors.

Green Pest Guys is the company to call when you need quality residential or commercial pest control treatments. Our service technicians will leave no stone unturned to find where pests build nests, frequently travel, and apply products and techniques to eliminate them. Every pest problem is different, so we focus on delivering services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Residential Pest Control In University Park

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You do everything you can to maintain your home in order to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant environment. Unexpected drop-in visits from insects or rodents can turn your world upside down. Pests may cause structural damage because of their droppings, urine, or nests. Trying to remove pests without professional services is a hassle, and doing so may prove risky or unsuccessful.

Green Pest Guys eliminates many common insects and rodents when we apply our home pest control treatments. It’s our mission to ensure you enjoy a pest-free home for your health and peace of mind. We use Integrated Pest Management strategies and botanical-based, eco-friendly products to control pest activity.

When pests hang out between your walls, skitter around floors, or hide in cluttered closets or attics, it’s an unpleasant experience. Homeowners may endure disturbances and heightened activity at night or discover chewed bags of food, garbage, or droppings.

Stop trying to capture and expel pests with conventional products and call the pros at Green Pest Guys for home pest control services in University Park.

Commercial Pest Control In University Park

Business owners want to focus on executing tasks without a hitch and satisfying clients, not hunting down pests. An infestation of ants, roaches, or rodents takes precious time away from running your business. Customers and employees may feel uncomfortable and unwelcome at a company with pest issues. Bold critters may intimidate people, mar furniture, block entryways, or leave debris around your property.

Green Pest Guys recognizes the unique problems that business owners face when pests invade. Infestations may cost a company its reputation, lead to fines, or risk public health. Termites may silently destroy wooden structural elements, and rodents may feast on food and spread pathogens across surfaces.

Depending on the severity of a pest issue, scheduling more than a one-time treatment may be your best bet. When businesses sign up for regular commercial pest control treatments and property inspections, controlling pests and reducing future problems is more manageable. Our service technicians are standing by and ready to defend your company from visiting pests.

Give Green Pest Guys a call to learn how we can serve your business and stop unwanted pest activity with our effective commercial pest control services in University Park.

Six Simple Scorpion Prevention Tips For University Park Residents

Scorpions are probably one of the most fearsome-looking arachnids to hide on your property. When there are attractive elements that entice these pests to hang around and not leave, it’s a serious problem. No one wants to risk a painful sting from one of these creatures. Call a pest control company for assistance if scorpions are on your property.

Green Pest Guys understands the risks of trying to remove and expel scorpions without proper working knowledge and professional tools. Our service techs rely on Integrated Pest Management solutions and educate clients on exclusion methods to repel unwanted visitors.

Prevention is better than cure, so apply some helpful tips to dissuade visits from scorpions. Try the following:

  1. Grow peppermint, lavender, or cedar around the perimeter of your home.
  2. Trim plants, shrubs, and trees that are adjacent to your house.
  3. Remove debris and rock piles in your yard and keep firewood stacks up off the ground.
  4. Fill in gaps and holes, caulk crevices, and add barriers to entry points.
  5. Maintain a clean yard and promptly remove garbage and standing water to reduce insect activity.
  6. Consider switching to yellow lights for outdoor fixtures.

Reduce the chances of negative interactions with scorpions and contact Green Pest Guys for scorpion control services in University Park.

The Key To Total Rodent Control For University Park Properties

Rodents are a common nuisance for property owners. These critters will intrude onto your personal space, chew wiring, raid kitchen pantries, and nibble on newspaper and cardboard boxes. Reducing clutter and cutting off access to food and water prove helpful, but that’s not enough. Scheduling treatments from a dependable pest control company on an ongoing basis will deter rodents.

Green Pest Guys uses eco-friendly rodent control services in University Park that follow Integrated Pest Management strategies. These pests are a serious problem because they can spread germs, damage possessions, and hide in crawl spaces or other voids.

Because rodents may be hard to find within a building, have a knowledgeable service technician inspect your property to uncover pests. After assessing the severity of any pest activity, the process of applying products and targeting rodents begins.

Help stop rodents by doing the following:

  • Put food in containers with lids, regularly wash dishes, and remove debris from sinks.
  • Wipe down surfaces if there are food crumbs, standing water, or spills.
  • Regularly clean your home and reduce clutter.
  • Patch holes, caulk gaps, and add screens or covers to entry points.

Stop struggling with messy traps or waiting to see if rodents take conventional bait; call Green Pest Guys to regularly treat your home or business and maintain a rodent-free property.

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